Welcome to the ClickPoints Documentation

Click Points is a program written in the Python programming language, which serves on the one hand as an image viewer and on the other hand as an data display and annotation tool. Every frame can be annotated by a description, marked points/tracks, or marked areas (paint brush). This helps to view image data, do manual evaluation of data, help to create semi-automatic evaluation or display the results of automatic image evaluation.


If you encounter any bugs or unexpected behaviour, you are encouraged to report a bug in our Github bugtracker.

Citing ClickPoints

If you use ClickPoints for academic research, you are highly encouraged (though not required) to cite the following paper:

ClickPoints is developed primarily by academics, and so citations matter a lot to us. Citing ClickPoints also increases it’s exposure and potential user (and developer) base, which is to the benefit of all users of ClickPoints. Thanks in advance!

Who uses ClickPoints

Here is a list of publications that used ClickPoints for their evaluation.

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